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Script Depot

This is a collection of some of our readily available scripts.  For information on how to obtain these scripts, please contact us.  Prices are dependent on the need of customization, and the number of servers in your environment.

Microsoft Security patches got you bogged down?  We have easy-to-use NT/2000 scripts to help you deploy to hundreds of workstations/servers in a very short time! 

The scripts are multi-threaded command shell scripts which allow you to patch upto 20 workstations at once!

Script Description
Printer Auditing Script

Click here for full details & code.
The printer auditing script easily allows you to see which printers are no longer being used (orphaned queues) and which users print to which printers.  Works against NT 4.0, 2000, 2003, and XP print servers.
Home Directory Monitoring Script

Language: VBScript
The Home Directory Monitoring script will monitor all of your home directories on a specified server.  It will assign the correct permissions to the home directory as well as notify you of home directories that are owned by disabled or deleted accounts.  This script can be modified to work on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers. The script can even monitor and maintain home directories on NAS appliances (NetApp Filers, EMC Celerras).  All fields are updatable via environment variables and the script can be scheduled to run at any interval.  A great way to manage your home directories and keep track of your space!
Domain Cleanup Script

Language: Windows NT Batch, VB Script
Requirements: None
This script allows you to find orphaned computer accounts in your domain. By examining the "Password Last Set" field for all member servers & workstations in your domain, this script lets you know the status of all domain members. Attempts to contact each domain member by ping and obtain additional information.  Great for retiring those old Windows NT 4.0 domains!
Domain Inventory Script

Language: Windows NT Batch
Requirements: None
This is an excellent script that will run against any Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 domain that you specify.  It will obtain a list of all of the computer accounts in the domain and connect to each computer to obtain information about the operating system, service pack level, operating system, etc.  Output can be imported in to Microsoft Excel or Access from which you can generate a great report.  This script is a great way to monitor your domain environment rather then using Server Manager!



Last Updated: 01/05/2011